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Product image in catalog

When choosing the product image for the catalog listing, it would be great to able to use a generated image of the product stage ie a background image that has the added text on it. Otherwise I have to manually create a complete image and upload separately.

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is it possible with the FPD the following?
I would like to use different kind of designs. Some designs can be modified in designer, but there should be other designs that can't be modified. Using this kind of designs I don't want to use de full FPD module, but only a"normal Woocommerce product page , where the client can see a design and a product ( for example a T-shirt), and he could change the color of the shirt.
Besides I want to make a filterable design catalog outside from FPD, listing only a designs. And if the user clicking on a design, the FPD loading with the actual design the user clicked. ( I would like to use designs only for FPD and designs using outside of FPD as well.

My other question is: can I select colors as "Light" and "Dark" colors? And can I link some designs only wit "Light" or "Dark" color T-shirts?



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