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First off we are very impressed with the power and functionality of your platforms, we are using FPD and MSPC (wordpress & woocomerce) for a client who requires customisable products.

Now we have got everything set up and working, however our client really wants the individual sections to highlight on hover and be clickable as in the example provided below...


Our current thinking is we create some .SVG overlays that we can add to the product layers then link them to activate the MSPC category when clicked, then you can select the option you require (as of now this is the only way we can make this work as the client wants material options that require photos)

We are looking for any possible workarounds or solutions, weather they be paid or just being able to point us in the right direction.

I have also attached a link to what we currently have below.


Again, thank you for taking the time to develop and support FPD & MSPC ,  we are eager to understand further and give the client what they desire!

Kind Regards

Matthew Woodhall


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Sorry thats not possible.

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