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Need some help to fix make FPD compatible with S3

Hi guys,

Can someone point to me the file and function that save media images to the canvas in the backend fancy product builder? 

We use WP Offload S3 to load images from S3. We deactivate the plugin on fancy products because it's not compatible with design elements (you can't modify images not hosted on the same server that FPD is running from).

However, since the plugin is active when we create the products from the backend, the image URL are not saved appropriately in the canvas. We'd like to tweak the function to make sure FPD uses the appropriate URL because currently it returns an hybrid URL like so : rootdomain.com/s3-path-url. I think this has to be somewhere within fabric.min.js or FancyProductDesigner.js

Hopefully we can modify the function so that it uses either the complete rootdomain.com url or use the actual image URL provided by the media library.




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