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Print Image and Screen Image Resolution Questions

For a printed item to print correctly, the DPI needs to be 300 DPI (or higher) as a PDF with vector fonts. The challenge we are having is this. The image we are putting on the screen both as a thumbnail and then as the image you are actually customizing is fuzzy, i.e. resolution is not good. When I ask my programmer to fix this, he says "well, I can make that working image look better if you give me a smaller image, but then the output print file is the wrong size and you will have to manually re-create a new print file".   HELP, I'm going insane. I can't have someone sitting in the background re-doing everything. Does anyone understand this topic?

1. How do I display both a thumbnail and a working file (where a customer will select images and type in text) that is really crisp and perfect resolution.


2. Allowing the final image created on the backend to be a properly sized, proper DPI printable file?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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