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Fancy Product Designer 3 layer palettes not really working on mobile/tablets

There seems to be some serious mobile issues when interacting with the palettes that appear when clicking/tapping on upload zones on mobile/tablets.

For example, I have a product with two upload zones, clicking/tapping on either of the upload zones or clicking on the ‘Manage Layers’ button initializes a palette that slides in from the right. From this palette, users can add custom text, choose from designs, or upload an image - all of which correctly appear in the selected upload zone.

The problem is that the close ‘X’ at the top of the palette can’t be accessed on mobile, or at least on the two different iPhones, and three iPads I tried. So instead a user can swipe the palette away to the right to remove it from the stage. The second problem that occurs is that if a swipe is used to dismiss the palette, whenever one tries to access the palette again, it immediately disappears.

Users must be able to close the palette to see the product, and should be able to show/hide the palette as many times as needed to finish customization on mobile platforms…

I'm attaching a pic of the palette that is causing the trouble.

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