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Item count Bulk order (Plus)

My online store offers free shipping for orders with 4 or more items. Adding more than four variations via the Bulk order form only adds one item to the cart, so the condition for free shipping is not met.

Please increase the item count for WooCommerce to the actual number of items purchased, so that it's possible to use functionality like shipping fee discounts.

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I have to agree with this feature. This plugin is basically useless for those who want to have variable shipping options within their store based on item count and so on. I originally informed them of what I think is a bug and they say it's needs to be submitted as a feature request. I would understand if this was implemented from the start and just had bugs, but for it not to be a default feature really doesn't help and makes me feel that I wasted money on a plugin that doesn't work.

Coming in version 1.1.3 of Plus Add-on, Fancy Product Designer V3.5.2 is required for that update.

Sorry, how can I install this update? Envato has a email-info for the update, but in wordpress comes not a info or a link for the upgrade. Normaly comes a info in the plugins area?

thx Alexis

I downloaded and installed new Envato update, Plugin Page still shows FPD Plus as 1.0.0 

I don't think the Envato download file is correct. File Name is the same as the first time I downloaded. 


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