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Call FPD price with short code or html

I need a way to display the price of the fancy product designer, after the user has finished their customization which changes the price, to the page or with a shortcode. I am using Gravity forms add on for Woocommerce and the price is not updating as the user adds cost through customization on FPD. 

I would like to make an up sell/ cross sell item that is based on the final price of the product on the page - so if the customer makes a $70 blanket, then the user can add on a matching blanket for a discount. The catch is that the new cross sell price needs to be based on the final price of the larger blanket and then discounted. So this can change quite a bit depending on what the user adds. 

If anyone knows how to get the total product price in html or short code, it would be a huge help and much appreciated! 

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