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Decreasing the Canvas/Staging Size in the WooCommerce Checkout Window

Hi All,,

I know that the Export Bounded Area is a somewhat of a known issue at this point, so I wanted to see if anyone out there is familiar with a way to decrease the canvas size to the specifications of your "bounded area" after a customer purchase your design. 

For instance, if my stage area when creating the fancy product is 1000x1000 and the customer uses that same 1000x1000 area to design, but the bounded area is actually 500x500. When they add the product to the cart and purchase in WooCommerce, you have to open the same 1000x1000 area that you began with. So cropping seems that area to only the bounded area after the fact, seems like a viable workaround, if anyone if familiar with that kind of coding on the WooCommerce dashboard. Please let me know!

Thank you,


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