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Exporting a design bigger than the artwork

Hello Group, hope everyone is doing great.

So i was wondering if someone has done something similar to what im trying to accomplish and can help me out a bit.

Im using the FPD to sell (among other products) personalized chocolates. And i only want people to be able to edit the front of the chocolate. After the client finishes, i have to download their design and incorporate it to the rest of the packaging (please look at the picture to better understand what i mean).


So, to simplify the process, i was thinking if there was a way to have the FPD export the complete package, including the part above and below the design area, so i can just send the file straight to the printer.

The way i was thinking of accomplishing this, is by uploading the complete design, and having a mask that always stays on top, so that the mask hides the area above and below the design area.

The issue here is that the complete design is taller than the FPD Artboard, so even if i hide the mask to see the full design, when i export, the output is a design thats cropped to the size of the artboard.

I found the "single elements" export. And this way i am able to download the complete design, but im not able to download the parts that the customer added on top of our design (texts and images) as a single file. So this option still leaves me needing to process the designs after i export to put all the pieces together.

So, is there a way to download the complete design along with the customer added edits eventhough its larger than the FPD artboard?

Thanks for the help and sorry for the long post. Please let me know if i didn't make myself clear.

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