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Save edits to a customer's design.

Hi all,

I recently had a bit of a challenge with having the ability to save design changes on a order in the backend. Unfortunately this took me a lot longer than expected due to the fact Fancy Product Designers documentation is pretty much non existent - shame really there are a lot of pluggable functions but I have to waste days looking at the code to make any sense of it. Please sort this out!

Anyway, I have developed a plugin that allows you to save edits made to a customers order just drop it in your plugin folder activate and away you go. 

I won't be able to support the plugin at the moment, I hope that it's good enough to be merged into general release. 


WooCommerce 3.0.3 or higher required. 

(7.82 KB)
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Splendid ! Simple, and efficient.

 I was searching for a plugin like that ! If the plugin isn't affected by woocommerce and fancy update, I will use it for my business !

Thanks for the share  

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