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Process automation - Orders: Automatic export (PDF) and send email

Maybe it is possible to make an automatic export (PDF) from orders and send this PDF automatic to defined email addresses?

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I second this. Add a link to download a PDF file (since it might be too big for e-mail) with predefined settings, and include a smaller preview image of the design.

I third this.

You can do this anyway with the Automation plugin for WooCommerce, this isn't plugin related for FPD but rather a WooCommerce feature implementation.

What Automation plugin you are referring to, Phil..? Can't find anything like that.

Anyways, I doubt this can fix my problem, as I need the exported file without the layers I have set to exclude. And this is only possible in the external FPD admin solution, not in the FPD order viewer in WooCommerce. Right?

The best way I found to remove the layers without exporting ALL through the normal method is when you load the order, click "Load in Order Viewer" and then remove the layer you don't want to export. Then, when it's gone - export using your desired settings below. 

I will post the snippet of code I have added to our functions.php and you SHOULD be able to export these automatically, but, I think there is more to it than that. 

I'll check back, and update you if I find anything.

Great Phil,

we are waiting very excited ...

Yes, thank you. Any info on that plugin or any custom code to point us in the right direction would be very appreciated.

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