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Products mask & designs

Hi There,


I've got 1 product with different views and masks on each view .

Then i've got different designs / materials


When i choose a design it adds it perfectly on the first view, 

but when i choose a different view and choose a design i just fills up the whole window. 

So it is not using the mask

If i make every view as a seperate product it works fine,

but i like the positioning of the designs on the right and the views on the bottom

What am i'm missing / doing wrong?

2 screenshots:



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I have got the same problem and its quite frustrating, hope someone could help us on this issue. whenever i create a second view of the product, the mask just wouldnt apply..... :(

i have re-arranged the view and try to see where does the bug comes from, it seems the SVG mask will only apply to the first view. 

Yes, i also tried this and also came to the same conclusion

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