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Allow Duplication of any element.

When creating a custom design in which customers are able to make changes to the front end of the product - I'd like to ask that it be possible to add a toggle to the modifications tab that has "Allow Duplicate" for customers to duplicate images, text or any element that is already pre-displayed. 

See image for example.

Also, we'd like to also be able to tell customers which colours can be used when they add their own text, currently - they're able to use the colour selector which is enabled only on text that isn't set or edited by the backend. This causes a problem as we cannot print all colours that customers select; thus creating fewer orders.



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I honestly don't know if anyone actually reads through this - but this is something that SHOULD be enabled by default on the product designer.

When I create a base template in which customers can edit text, I want the customer to be able to DUPLICATE that text I already made. Since the FPD does not have shadow effects, I need them to be able to duplicate so they can create a shadow.

Please let me know if there IS a way? And if so - how.
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