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Set required min / max image dimensions & scale per upload zone

Given that it is only possible to set the min & max required height & width per product, and given that there can be multiple variations per product, it would be extremely useful to be able to regulate what people can upload per upload zone. 

For example, one variation requires a 300 x 300 image. A 2nd variation on the same product requires an image of 1200 x 1200. I can only set one resolution requirement in the individual product settings. Therefore when the user switches to the 2nd variation, it's possible for them to upload an image that is much too small but scale it to look as though it fits, but it will not be of sufficient quality to print nicely. 

We should be able to regulate this for product variations dealing with user image uploads to be much more useful.

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Please at least consider adding a maximum scale option to set for user uploaded images. Example, a user cannot scale their upload more than 1.5x original image size.

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