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Addon idea: Advance Client Editor

i was thinking maybe adding an additional addon for advance use; it basically combines a few features i think the toolbar is missing

  1. Icons: add an icon layer type. It would be off an installed font icon install or fontawsome. Like svgs people can see a list of icons and choose them. if one is already being used, users can switch. and the layers will show that font-icon symbol
  2. Add fontface preview. Instead of simple drop down with just names it will show you how the fontface looks
  3. Advance dynamic placement, the tool bar will float nerar the selected layer. If the layer is above 50% of height it will load below , if its below 50% of height it will load above.
  4. any way of implementing Bold inside one text layer for a single word? "like this is bold" so instead of having 2 layers of one regular and one bold , its just one
  5. Add css effects, like shadowing
  6. Add Site logo into bar?
  7. Watermark in editor only; not final product after purchase?
  8. Edit max side of client editor canvas size
  9. Advance lock layer; layer cannot by simple drag, needs to use move icon on the corner. I noticed many of my users complain they move it by mistake. 

Let me know what you guys think

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