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Problems with FPD + Godaddy's managed wordpress hosting - anybody?

My client has Godaddy's Managed Wordpress hosting, this means it's a shared apache server that operates under default settings designed to facilitate Wordpress usage. FPD is distinctly broken here, as any attempt to add a product to the cart results in a 500 server error. Pretty serious problem for an ecommerce site!

WP_DEBUG logs tell me the following:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Product_Variation::get_parent_id() in [...]/wp-content/plugins/fancy-product-designer/woo/class-wc-cart.php on line 91

Every product is a variable product, I don't know if it's just FPD having problems with variable products being added to the cart, but it's still a dealbreaker. This is just straight out of the box, Managed Wordpress, no modifications to the plugin whatsoever, was happening on FPD 3.4.9 (didn't test with earlier versions) and still is a problem in 3.5.1.  

FPD support says they don't help with server issues but said to check the folder & file permissions (they are correct) and maybe it's a problem with mod_security. Godaddy says it's FPD causing the problem and they can't edit anything server related with Managed Wordpress. 

Just wondering if I'm the only person who's had this problem with managed wordpress hosting at Godaddy? At this point I believe there should be a disclaimer that FPD does not cooperate with Godaddy's managed wp, and they simply do not work together.

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Which version of WooCommerce are you using, be sure you have the latest version 3.+ installed!

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