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Issue: Variable product with multiple canvas sizes

The problem is that fpd loads the "ui canvas dimensions" assigned to the woocommerce product for all fpd product views except the first one. The strange thing is that the problem appears only if you change the variation (second load of fpd product).

How to reproduce: 

  • 2 fpd products with more than 1 view 
  • both of them with different view size (eg: 3614x5083 with 2 views and 2551x3579 with 2 views)
  • 1 woocommerce product with 2 variation
  • assign the fpd products in each variation
  • go to the product view and pick a variation. it works for all the fpd product views normally
  • change your variation and check again. it works only with the first fpd product view and the rest one loads inside the "UI Canvas Layout" assigned to the woocommerce product
Thank you in advance!

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