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Fancy product filters


First of all thank you for this awesome plugin.

I've been looking for a way to make some kind of category page for Fancy products. So that people then can access this page and see all of the fancy products for such category, then just pick one and edit the design.

For example, lets say we sell buisness cards. I want to achieve something like this page: https://www.moo.com/us/design-templates/standard-size-business-cards/

I know it's already possible, i would have to add a Fancy product and link that product to a WooCommerce product. But if i have 1000 different designs then i would need to create 1000 copies of the WooCommerce product to achieve this.

I know we can already link several Fancy products to a single woocommerce product. But in this way, users have to access the Designer and then click on the "Swap product" and all of the Fancy Products are shown in a little modal.

What i want, is the user to be able to pick the fancy product from a page (not a modal or little box) in which they can filter the designs by style or another custom tag. 

And i know that for the filtering capabilities i might need another plugin (There are a lot of plugins that help filtering products in WooCommerce).

And as i've stated before, i know i can already achieve this by linking a Fancy product to a single woocommerce product and then use a filtering plugin to achieve something like the moo link i shared before.

But lets say we sell personalized Beers (customers can edit the design). And we have 10 beer types with the same lable size and 100 designs that fit this lable size. Then if we wanted all of the 100 designs (fancy products) to show in every beer type (WooCommerce product) we would have to create 1,000 WooCommerce products and 1,000 Fancy products. And i fear that managing this could get very tricky.

I hope my explanation is clear enough. 

At the end of the day, what i want to achieve is something like Moo (the link i shared) That isn't super hard to manage on the backend.


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