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Add "Color Link Group" to "Individual Settings->Custom Text Options"

If you use FPD for various products it would be usefull to have different "Color Link Groups" for text and images. Hence it would be great if this could be defined on individual product settings level.

Example: we have products that will be printed in 1 colour only. For other products the customer can choose the colour for each element. 

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Hi mr. Radikal 

I consider it necessary to be able to determine which products might have colors linked in texts and images ( screen printing one color)

and on the other hand to determine which products can be free of linked colors (multicolor digital printing).

It would also be good to limit the number of colors that a client can use in designs for screen printing products (for example: Maximum 4 colors)


Hi mr. Radikal 

This is an example of what is needed to determine individually whether a product has linked colors or not.

And on the other hand an example of how to determine and limit the number of colors that a client can use according to the type of printing to be made (either screen printing, embroidery etc)


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