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Per product guided tour


I know having a per product guided tour may sound kind of unnecesary, however it would help a lot to explain the customization aspects of specific products. Not all products are the same, and some are more difficult than others, being able to use the guided tour selecting the existing elements of a specific product would be great, being able to explain what's the use of a specific upload zone, or briefly describe what could you write in a given text box.

If the community and developers think this would be a good idea, I think it would have to be through a "Product builder" tab, and you should be able to combine it with the "general" guided tour (it would start with the general one and follow with the specific product one), and be able to just check a checkbox to exclude that specific product from the general guided tour. Of course, that's just my general opinion, you'll be way better thinking the best way to interact with this "product guided tour" feature :)


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Guided Tours can only be created for via Ui & Layout Composer.

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