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On page text field

Hi, is there any way that i can change the size or shape of the On Page Text Field ?

if you see this link, you find 2 major issues:

1- page focus under the product image and shows only the Text Input Field ( i want to change the focus to show the product image instead )

2- the text input field is quite long, i would like to make it shorter + wider if possible

URL: http://stopmotionkw.net/st/product/beige-card/

thanks & Regards,

Hi again, still waiting for a solution :) thanks

This is the community forum. If you need faster answers, please open a support ticket.

1) Sorry, don't understand what you mean.

2) Which input do you mean? The one in the sidebar or the one in the toolbar? You can probably change the sizes of both with some custom CSS, which you can add via the UI & Layout composer, custom CSS tab.

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