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Improve function get a quote

 Hi there,

I recently test the "Get a quote" function because FPD is not compatible with a plugin of quote who's name "woocommerce quotation"


And i noted some possible improvements in comparison with the plugin mentioned before.

- The quote is added in the order section, it's not an order not yet ! Is that possible to add a quote part ?

- It's impossible to edit the order for add the price of the product, it will be good.

We can imagine if it's a real quote after edit the product to add price, quantity... to send the proposition to the customer directly from the backoffice.

After that the customer receive the proposition and it's possible for him to click for accept and buy it directly and status change to order or he can refuse the proposition, owner can make a new offer or cancel the deal.

The woocommerce quotation plugin have a free version and could be a very good base of inspiration to improve the "Get a quote" FPD.

Install it to see that in action :-)

Today it's not compatible with FPD but tomorrow if you want to implement it to FPD it will be a complete solution of "Quotation".

Thank you for considering this message.

Regards, Thimy.

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