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Non printable layers and hide/show layer functionality

hi - It would great if you could have a non-printable / exportable layers. That way I could draw margins/guides/bleed lines etc on this layer and know they would never appear in the final design. Also you could put instructions on this layer if needed.

Also if layers could be toggled between hidden and visible states like in photoshop, (maybe with an eye icon) - that way people could turn off the margins or instructions when not needed without having to delete them entirely.

You can mark layers as not exportable in the product builder.

Yes - and thats a great feature but sometimes the items on a non-exportable layer, while essential (like a margin or guide) can also be distracting, so it would be great to temporarily hide  them. There would be other applications too. For example you may have what to see the words in two different fonts. You could put each on a different layer and toggle the visibility on and off to see which is better before deleting the one you didn't like.

"You can mark layers as not exportable in the product builder." How to make this In jQuery version?

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