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PDF output with JQuery setup

Is there a different PDF output than what is essentially the 'download pdf' option in the demo?  I noticed that the output PDF flattens the layers together with the background item image.  I need to be able to separate the user art from the product template.  Perhaps I'm completely missing something but how does one go about exporting a PDF with layers intact?  Is there a different method or action of doing this?  I'm attempting to integrate this manually using the JQuery install and haven't found much mention of handling the output.  THANKS!

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Also,  I found a few posts mentioning .svg image with .pdf output will maintain layers, I can't find any usage examples or see anything in demo. Is this what I'm after?  

I tried reloading the product in the editor and removing the product template from the layers panel but the artboard area saves out as a white background flattened together with the customer art anyway so doesn't really help.   

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