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Wedding Invitation Cards Related Features Online


I want to discuss about some required features to achieve for selling wedding invitation cards to customers and best different way to achieve if its not possible:

1. Is it possible to have form based dynamic customization?

For eg. I want to have a simple form residing on right of customization, which user can fill and the data is automatically reflected on FPD window like in pixopa site.

Maybe the following screen shot will explain much better.



2.  Let say, I create a product Invitation Cards and create 3 views to it: 1st insert, 2nd insert and front envelope, How could I make text+logo wording templates for each views (I want to show numerous designs to customers like pre-build templates and then they start customization from there, like changing logo, words etc)

3. How could I change canvas size based on product attribute length and height for each individual card?

4. (IMP.) How could I make some special photo in each individual product which is associated with with FPD view to make them as background. 


BTW, thanks radykal for developing such a good plugin for woo commerce.

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