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Upload Zone Limitation / Ideas

As said previously great plugin I just want to try and help with the limitations... and find out more information in the process: 

1. Is it possible to re-code to allow multiple images / layers (i.e. create a group of movable, prioritisable layers)

Advantages: Taking the editor to the next level and make it a professional editor - and judging by the forums it will stop people asking the question and make your customers happy and also make the program easier to understand and use for beginners (which is why people use Wordpress.

2. If you create a bounding box within the upload zone does this apply to any added images or text? 

Advantages: Saves setting up a new layer which in all intent is pretty much useless esp when you are doing big projects helps reduce hinder on system resources. For example I'm doing banners at 6ft x 3 ft.  Also double sided leaflets (in these cases you need to load two lots of leaflets at the same time!

3. There is no setting to save as CMYK.  I've seen people ask the question but makes no sense why you can't have option to save in CMYK - afterall it's mainly used for printing and ALL printing needs to be in CMYK. 

Advantages: I'm presuming 99.9% of your customers need this so just doesn't make sense to have to edit after download when it could have the option.  Afterall there's a reason why there's loads of converters https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=convert+to+cmyk+online&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB774GB774&oq=convert+to+cmyk+online&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.8320j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

4. Allow different Views for Products... E.g Vertical / Horizontal etc. This shouldn't need an extra plugin just build it into yours.

5. Disable Zoom on Shop pages - gets really annoying and looks so unprofessional but depending on what the line of work is can definitely be useful.

6. It really, really, really needs to have an option to "Create User Product Image from User Media" > Disbable | WP Avatar | Shortcode

7. Set shortcode for User Product Image Thumbnail.  Then it updates all products selected with the users logo and shows them what their products would look like.  It is already being done on Vistaprint and this is well behind the times without having that option.

8. Somehow if possible speed up the Share Design process - takes too long to the point where even I get fed up of waiting nevermind the customer

9. The undo / redo is about a million miles away from the design... Have the option of moving it using the UI & Layout (if possible drag and drop). The reset button is another million miles away and people just generally probably want to customise it.

10. There doesn't appear to be an option to disable the Tour.  I want it but I don't want it to pop up on load.  Not sure why!  Also add option to disable tour on second visit? 

11. When previewing it is not centred? 

12. I realise you are probably a very busy man, overworked / underpaid.  Most of us on here will be self-employed in some way.  I realise you're trying to make more money by creating more plugins but can I implore you to think about combining all the plugins. If you advance the plugin to my recommendations your plugin is worth £200. You're selling for $49. It's way, way too cheap. Ridiculously cheap!  Sell it for £99 and at certain times do a 50% discount. People will still buy and it would be good for promotion re: the discount. Also it really disappointments me to not only have to buy extra plugins when I've paid for a product but it's also annoying to have 3 plugins to do one thing.  A good example is the draw plugin... seriously... why isn't that part of the normal version? It's a simple feature and another plugin for that seems ludicrous 

13. When adding fonts you've got to add every single one individually... Sure a checkbox system or at the very least select all option? 

14. FPD looks great when customising but the product title, add to cart, variable section is always out of place.  Perhaps have the option side by side or beneath and tell it exactly where to be and override the WC stuff for the sake of making your plugin look better

15.In addition: create a Paid Priority Feature Request section.  You will find people will come to you more instead of other developers (which they would need to pay) and also you can implement their ideas to your updates and make your plugin unrivalled.  I would be willing to pay £100+ for these changes even if it's something that should be integral to plugin anyway. Also I'm wary about editing the plugin as it would probably effect updates.

Really hope this helps but hope more that you give me some feedback and even better - implement them! Thanks again :) 

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