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Defer Lightbox load FPD

Hi there!

So basically, the load of product pages with FPD easily triplicates the time of load of those who doesn't have any FPD options.

I think it would be better if we could have an option to select if we want the page to load the customizer as soon as they load the product page, or after they click the lightbox button. In many, many cases they visit 7 or 8 product pages before finally clicking on the customizer, and that process is very slowly for them since it's always loading the FPD even if they're not going to use it!


If you enable the option "Page after user clicks on the customization button", then the designer will be loaded first when clicking on the customize button.

Hi Radykal!

I'm aware of that option, however that's another customization option alltogether, since it's limited to the product image, so not really feasible for a lot of us.

As an e-commerce plugin FPD should focus on performance, loading resources when they're not going to be used is not really useful, as any lazy loading principle states, it should be loaded when the user needs it :)



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