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Being able to change "Individual Product Settings" per variation

 You guys added the ability to attach separate Fancy Products to different variations. That is great.

However, you guys neglected to add the ability to change the "Individual Product Settings" for each variation. That literally makes no sense. Thus, it is impossible to adjust my bounding box dimensions for the different Fancy Products. You also can't adjust the image upload requirements.

If my variations are size-based, then I will have different bounding box sizes for the different Fancy Product variations. If my bounding boxes are bigger, then my image upload requirements will change. Remember, your plugin is mainly used by people in the printing industries, so the pixel sizes of the images that are uploaded are very important. If my Fancy Product is a poster, then for larger posters, the bounding box will be larger and the images needed to fill the bounding box must be larger (in terms of pixels).

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