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One off Custom Image/Text charge.

Please could you make it possible to have a one off Custom Image/Text charge that appears separate from the product price in the basket. At the moment this charge can only be applied as additional to the product cost. Even though the logo only needs to be processed once for branding the customer would then have to pay on every multiple of the same item. So if the customer orders 10 they pay the custom image charge 10 times.

This charge could be displayed in the Basket Totals above the Tax and have a customisable label. E.g. Image Processing Charge. This will make it very clear what the extra charge is and also allow dynamic pricing to be applied to the product quantities.

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I'm currently applying a flat artwork fee to all branded products to cover this using this plugin https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-product-fees/ but being able to apply it only to image uploads would be great.

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