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Front and Back designs to stage

I own a plush personalization store and had to make changes to the plugin for my product.. But since you guys always update with cool features, I would love to have this feature on the original plugin.

My consumers create their own plush doll.. So I have a front andf back sillouette and they add clothes, hair, and other designs to this doll.. So I need to associate some designs to appear at the same time on the front and the back of the product. 

For example, If someone add brown hair.. it should instantly add the hair of the same color on the back too.. When they add an specific tshirt... the tshirt has to be added on the front and back of the product.

Thanks in advance, and congratulations for the owesome work you guys always do.

This is possible when you enable "Replace in all views", but I think you want to add different images in front and back. Right now you can only swap the same image in all views.

Yes, that´s what I meant.. Need to add 2 different designs at the same time. One on the front and other on the back,

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