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Export Orders in CSV format

It would be great to implement an export option which enabled users to export a list of all orders in a CSV format. (For those users who don't require images in the export files)

In my situation, I have approx. 20 designs in my store. Customers add 3 lines of text before placing their orders. For ordering purposes, I'm only interested in the text the customers want on their designs.

Ideally speaking, if I could export a CSV list (manually or scheduled) which included the order line details from woo along with the text layers from FPD, the output file would be ideal.

If 'text only' fields stored in the _fpd_data column within the woocommerce_order_itemmeta table could be extracted from the string and assigned a meta key, then this proposed enhancement could be achieved using the existing plugin 'WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export'.

I know that may be limited in it's versatility for many users. For some who want text exports only, it would be great.

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