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Fotolia.com API integration

I love your plugin. Seriously, super straight forward and easy to implement. So far, no issues. I would like to make a suggestion. I would ultimately like to see a way to integrate the Fotolia API without having to pay for 3rd party plugin customization. You currently have a way for users to integrate photos from their computer, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, but what about purchasing images. Many of my customers have no idea how to upload their own images or even edit them. I think that it would be awesome to add the API key in the back-end and have the Fotolia.com images available to the customer in the ‘choose from designs’ section. As the customer chooses an image from Fotolia's 20 million plus list the cost of the image could be added to the cart total. I think that you could add a search bar, and make the search results three rows tall and 3 columns wide, and as have the images display as the customer scrolls down the search window as to not slow down the website. I think that it would also be a good idea to implement a couple of check boxes that allow the user to choose between photo, illustration, and vector, or have a way for us to restrict users from being able to select one or two of these options so they are forced to only be able to search for vectors. Is there anyway that you could make this possible in the future? I would be willing to let you use my Fotolia API code for testing purposes to get this working properly. Perhaps if you implement this into your plugin, Fotolia will compensate you somehow. Thanks

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Yes it will be great !

That would be totally AWESOME!!

I got mine on such a request.

I wonder if possible?

So it can be integrated with FPD or Fotolia API?

This would be great to see this implemented.

Another big Stock Photo site will be integrated soon. Stay tuned ;)

Super !

Must be Shutterstock? Will this be implemented in the new version?

Do we have any updates on the Stock Photo site going to be implemented? 

Is there an update here?

This would be a really nice feature.



How this is going? Its a great feature that surely will be a great advance for all your customers...

Any news on this?


Could we get an update on this?


I was told a few months ago they no longer plan on doing this and I would need an outside developer to create the functionality. 


Still nothing with that?

Hola seria fantástico. Alguien sabe como usar el API de fotolia con fancy o woocommerce. Saludos
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