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Freezing editable elements below design window

The Fancy Product Designer is very good in many ways, but I feel it is lacking when it comes to a friendly user interface. My customers are common non tec people, and changing the different layers in a design are not always as easy as I would hope for. The edit box tend to popping up just in front of the element you are going to edit etc. So what I hope for is that you will consider to make us able to list all layers in a grid view below the canvas so it is possible to edit all text/graphics direct without any additional cliks, and pop-ups edit window and so on. An example of a good user friendly UI are attached below. You can imediatly change or remove any of the layers, without the anoying edit box..You have a global color changer (would be grat for products where you use a vinyl plotter/cutter, screen printing, or lasering, (as alot of us do) but not suitable where you do printing.


Another example is her: http://www.foldal.no/signbuildertemplates.aspx?templateid=626 

Is this something that you would consider to do in a later update?

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