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View Fancy Designer Products in My Account - WooCommerce

 When one of my customers designs a Fancy Designer product and then orders this product, they do not have the ability to view an editable version in their account. They can see that they placed an order, but if they want to reorder they would have to go in and recreate the card. I would like them to view their design inside of their account under past orders so that all they have to do is reorder or they could make a slight change to an existing design. This is a KEY feature in my mind.

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My pleasure, happy to pay it forward. I know what it's like, looking for that needle in a haystack. Enjoy! I'll checkout Flatsome, sounds really good! Reviews look good too. I've had luck with Enfold. Tried Jupiter, which gets an A+ for design and responsive customization per device, but their caching throws all kinds of deprecated CSS errors in the console. Thanks Fancy Product Designer for your thoroughness in concept to reality and a great product! I'm a bowmandesign.com if you need anything or want to chat themes outside of FPDs forum. Best and much success!

Can customers upload images from their social media accounts?

Thanks so much Bill!!!!

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