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View Fancy Designer Products in My Account - WooCommerce

 When one of my customers designs a Fancy Designer product and then orders this product, they do not have the ability to view an editable version in their account. They can see that they placed an order, but if they want to reorder they would have to go in and recreate the card. I would like them to view their design inside of their account under past orders so that all they have to do is reorder or they could make a slight change to an existing design. This is a KEY feature in my mind.

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Thats already possible. Normally you will see a link that will appear under the product title in cart "Click here to re-edit". You can see it in the demo as well.

That is not what I said above. I am not talking about in the car BEFORE you make a purchase. I do like that feature though. I am talking about AFTER they have already purchased. A user can go into the My Account section and veiw their orders from the past. If they made an order using the Fancy Designer, there is no way to view or edit that artwork for a re-order. This is what I am asking for here. Please verify you understand.


I agree John Simmons,this good idea

Agree. Allow the customer to re-order an already customized product.

This would be a very good feature to allow re-ordering stuff

I agree this would be a great idea!

I totally agree, with a preview (like the one in the cart) from the created Fancy Product. BTW? the customer can see the product received is well like he orders it.

I like this idea because it would encourage people to buy more! Let's say one does a calender with friends and family pics and orders 2 of them. Next day they have a family meeting and there are more people interested in getting the exact same calender. There is no option to order the exact same calender with the exact same customization which discourages people of spending more money on the site because they would have to go through all the trouble one more time. Having the possibility to save works would be a huge step into perfection and would increase the money people spend on our websites.

This could also open the door to this.

We need this option!

I'd be willing to create this.  I will report back with my findings. 

Agree, this would be a great feature.  Thanks

Great feature, I am all for it!


I can again confirm it's a needed feature : we have problems with customers thinking their order isn't well recorded as the order details show the product's picture instead of their personalized creation... and it's not a rare case but a very regular problem.

Having the preview image saved instead will be a perfect solution. Even as a "plus" add-on I will be glad to acquire it.

Thank you.

Best Regards

@Patricia: Same here, it's confusing that they cannot look at their personalized product in their account.

Plus, it seems that the designs are only saved in a cookie in the customer's browser. If they delete cookies or use a different computer, they can not look at their saved designs? 

I think it would be ideal if the saved design would be saved on the server and that they'd be able to look at it, before ordering even, in their account. 

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