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View Fancy Designer Products in My Account - WooCommerce

 When one of my customers designs a Fancy Designer product and then orders this product, they do not have the ability to view an editable version in their account. They can see that they placed an order, but if they want to reorder they would have to go in and recreate the card. I would like them to view their design inside of their account under past orders so that all they have to do is reorder or they could make a slight change to an existing design. This is a KEY feature in my mind.

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We need this option!

Thanks so much Bill!!!!

Hi Radykal,

for me, the important feature which is still missing is the image of the designed product in the checkout process, like it's in the cart : Some customers are thinking their image is not recorded as the checkout process doesn't show their image. 

Better : a image used instead of the product's image for order's emails.

I can say customers are calling to be reassured about their image well recorded. So, I can imagine peoples who don't call and don't order.


Perhaps I need to create another feature request as it's not exactly the same ?

This is great news that this feature does exist. Having the customize button in the order history is great! Even labeled 'Re-order' would be even better!

Can you speed up our trouble shooting if our link only takes our users to a 'do over' customization from scratch, the saved customization does not show up.

Any known conflicts?


Thats already possible. Normally you will see a link that will appear under the product title in cart "Click here to re-edit". You can see it in the demo as well.

Through a series of tests, turning off various plugins and themes, I was able to get it to work with the generic Wordpress theme, Twenty Sixteen. Plugins were not the problem.

The problem does persists with the theme, Avada.


Clicking 'View Customized Product' in the My Account/Recent Orders/View/View Customized Product takes the user to that product, when they click 'Customize' it defaults to the generic product, not their previously customized order.

There are no errors thrown in the console.

My first thought was that Avada provides design variations, i.e. out of the box, the woo commerce pages default to cart-2, checkout-2, my-account-2. I made sure all the pages were labeled without the -2, just in case it was hard coded somewhere. This did not do the trick.

It's tough to test, still hunting.

I saw that a few folks mentioned the theme's Jquery could be fighting it, but can't find any errors yet.

That is not what I said above. I am not talking about in the car BEFORE you make a purchase. I do like that feature though. I am talking about AFTER they have already purchased. A user can go into the My Account section and veiw their orders from the past. If they made an order using the Fancy Designer, there is no way to view or edit that artwork for a re-order. This is what I am asking for here. Please verify you understand.


Agree. Allow the customer to re-order an already customized product.

I'd be willing to create this.  I will report back with my findings. 

I agree this would be a great idea!

I agree John Simmons,this good idea

Great feature, I am all for it!

+1  It is an essential part of the order process being able to at least view (static image) of the decorated product after completing the purchase and I agree that it is a rather important feature that should be available through the My Account > Orders section

@Bill Bowman, I have the same problem with Avada. Did you figure it out in the end?

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