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thumbnail of personalized products in cart

It would be very usefull for the customer if he sees a thumb of his personalized products during the checkout process. Right now he only sees the product image.

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Best Answer

I notice that its not working anymore in my demo site as well. I will fix that with the next update.

Rafael Dery, your new function change_cart_item_thumbnail works, the image is changed in chart. 

I continue to have a problem and wait for a solution to change product image after design is done. I use Wordpress 4.4.1, Woocommerce 2.5.2, Betheme 11.4 Shop theme, Fancy Produc Designer 2.2.4 . Thank you.

 Same here. When I add a product to cart, I get blank pages. Theme isn't overwriting any woocommerce part, only 'wrap start' disposition in single product pages. All Woocommerce templates are originals...

Doens't work for me neither.

Hey! Thanks for the snippets, but unfortunately, I'm getting an error on the page. 

It would be much appreciated if you could have a new look at your code and share a new working one :)

Or let us know approximately when the update is coming.

Right now, I'm overriding the thumbnails of every product on the category page with CSS... not very convenient.

Thanks a lot!

Any news on that?

I think this feature is very very important and it is not working now... And I'm not sure when the new version will be there but now this is costing me and others here money

Yes, time is running. I have a prototype a client is beta testing and I will really need a fix to this issue before going in production. Thanks a lot for a working quick fix at least :)


 I think this feature is very very important and it is not working

A month without any reply or solution from the dev, good work on the customer support

Yeah... I'm starting to worry. Maybe should we write to the support directly via email... :)

any news on this? the snippet didn't work for me

My custom image is changing and looks nice in /cart/ page.. But It is not updating the mini cart drop down thumb!

What is the fix for this Johnny ?

Thank you


Hi there guys. I'm stucked in some kind of same problem. When I customize a product, it appears on the checkout...but it does not replace the "featured product image" that would be what I am looking for. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks. 

Has this issue ever been resolved? I am running the latest FPD and WooCommerce is up to date. I use the 'customized product' for 'Add to cart. Load...' option, 'Update product' is set to yes in the Product Page Options, and in the Cart Options, 'Customized Product Thumbnail' is set to 'Yes' and it is still not showing up. See Attached screenshots.


Please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

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