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thumbnail of personalized products in cart

It would be very usefull for the customer if he sees a thumb of his personalized products during the checkout process. Right now he only sees the product image.

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Best Answer

I notice that its not working anymore in my demo site as well. I will fix that with the next update.

any news on this? the snippet didn't work for me

Hey Rafael,

I switched on the debug mode and got the message that the woocommerce_cart_item_thumbnail Filter is missing. That's strange because I find this filter in the cart.php of my theme. The theme is the canvas theme from woothemes so it should be compatible to the woocommerce guidlines.

What can I do?

Thats already included, if your theme does not display the correct thumbnail, then the required WooCommerce hook is missing in your theme.

A month without any reply or solution from the dev, good work on the customer support

Yeah... I'm starting to worry. Maybe should we write to the support directly via email... :)

Can you name the missing hook so I can contact the theme developer?

Has this issue ever been resolved? I am running the latest FPD and WooCommerce is up to date. I use the 'customized product' for 'Add to cart. Load...' option, 'Update product' is set to yes in the Product Page Options, and in the Cart Options, 'Customized Product Thumbnail' is set to 'Yes' and it is still not showing up. See Attached screenshots.


Please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

Any news on that?

I think this feature is very very important and it is not working now... And I'm not sure when the new version will be there but now this is costing me and others here money

For those who do not want for the update, here is a quick fix.

1. Open inc/class-cart.php 

2. Replace the change_cart_item_thumbnail with this code:


public function change_cart_item_thumbnail( $thumbnail, $cart_item=null ) {

	if( !is_null($cart_item) && isset($cart_item['fpd_data']) ) {

		$fpd_data = $cart_item['fpd_data'];

		//check if data contains the fancy product thumbnail
        if ( isset($fpd_data['fpd_product_thumbnail']) && $fpd_data['fpd_product_thumbnail']) {

        	$dom = new DOMDocument;
			$dom->loadHTML( $thumbnail );
			$xpath = new DOMXPath( $dom );
			$doc = $dom->getElementsByTagName("img")->item(0);
			$src = $xpath->query(".//@src");
			$srcset = $xpath->query(".//@srcset");

			$src[0]->nodeValue = $fpd_data['fpd_product_thumbnail'];
			$srcset[0]->nodeValue = $fpd_data['fpd_product_thumbnail'];

			return $dom->saveXML( $doc );



	return $thumbnail;



When i do that my cart page stays empty (white)

Yes, time is running. I have a prototype a client is beta testing and I will really need a fix to this issue before going in production. Thanks a lot for a working quick fix at least :)

I am not sure if i am doing this right but the cart page stays empty with the theme i am using but also the 2014 and  2015 themes...

 Same here. When I add a product to cart, I get blank pages. Theme isn't overwriting any woocommerce part, only 'wrap start' disposition in single product pages. All Woocommerce templates are originals...

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