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Product width and height entered by the customer


first sory for my english...

We would like to know if you could develop a new functionality :

We sell product like baners, carpet, wallpaper, floor tile and other products with no defined size.

So we would like customer to be abble to enter the height and width they want for the product and after this to have the good price, and to be abble to customize it in the good size.

If you can develop this we can pay you for of course !

Thanks for your answer.

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this was the function I was always looking for. However...when I check your demo I see a white field after adding a blank view. In my own stage I can't see this. I've added some predefined formats but on the stage they are invisible. Where ist the checkbox to make them visible?

And pleaeeeeaaase please make this funktion priceable.

Thanks alot.

That's what I'm looking for! 

And is the price adjustable to the view's size? If so, I immediatly purchase your awesome plugin!!!

Included in the PLUS add-on (V1.1.7).

Demo https://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/poster-collage/

If it is possible, to create something like this:


I would definitely buy this plugin!


has the feature been implemented in FPD?

Try UNICPO custom price calculation formuna plugin. I use it for my printshop. And it is very much better than gravity forms...

This would be a great feature

Robin; which version of gravity forms do you need to implement this?

Great Idea.


I am currently doing this with gravity forms. I think this is the best way to do this, because you can create any formula you want to calculate the end price.


I would love to see this being implemented in FPD

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