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The font dropdown box in the text editor blocks the text color button

I have restricted the color of my text to only three colors, i.e., black, white, and red.

I am customizing a product. When I try to change the color of my text to one of the other available colors, i.e., by clicking on the text and bringing up the text editing box, I noticed that the dropdown box with the different fonts blocks some of the colors that I have to choose from. It is hard to pick the colors with the mouse pointer.

Best Answer

Could you please post a link to a page with the issue?

This issue is caused by your themes, this bit of custom CSS should fix it:

.fpd-sub-panel{z-index: 9999999 !important}

I have sent you a link via the email string belonging to the ticket.

Thanks Johnny.


From a screenshot it is impossible for us to examine the issue, sorry. As i wrote in the ticket you opened, could you please send a URL to a site with the issue, thanks.


I have a similar problem with the "font boxe". Police size or line height are not clearly visible. 

The font boxe is also over the product.

Does it possible to change the settings of this boxe ?

Have you guys found a solution?


 I posted a picture below. It is difficult to pick the red or white text color box since the font dropdown box is blocking the colors (see picture below).


Could you please post a link to a page with the issue?

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