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Being able to scroll down on Android and iPhone while touching canvas

Right now it looks like I can't advance the page when I have my finger on the canvas. Touching and moving my finger on the yellow areas allow me to advance. However, if I touch any other area something is grabbing my touch requests and not allowing to advance. I have received several tickets from my customers that state my stite is locking their phone but in reality the canvas is grabbing the scroll requests.

My feature request: If a fancy product doesn't have draggable elements then the canvas must release control and allow the page to advance on mobile devices when trying to scroll with a finger.

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Ok, i finally found the setting. But activating it will always disable drag & drop. Is it just me who has this issue?

Anyway here is my hack of a solution:


jQuery( document ).ready( function( $ ) {	
	// FPD fixes after init
		$selector.on('productCreate', function(evt, viewInstance) {

			// Drag vs Scroll
			var disableScroll = function(){
				// don't know why this does not work, but the css fix does
			    //fancyProductDesigner.currentViewInstance.stage.allowTouchScrolling = false;
			var enableScroll = function(){
				//fancyProductDesigner.currentViewInstance.stage.allowTouchScrolling = true;
			fancyProductDesigner.currentViewInstance.stage.on('object:moving', disableScroll);
			fancyProductDesigner.currentViewInstance.stage.on('object:scaling', disableScroll);
			fancyProductDesigner.currentViewInstance.stage.on('object:rotating', disableScroll);
			fancyProductDesigner.currentViewInstance.stage.on('mouse:up', enableScroll);



This is happening for me too - but only on Android (Galaxy S7), works fine on iPhone

i have a version 3.6.1 but it is still does not working. While the moving designs or pics the canvas is also scrolling on mobile phones, 
can somebody please help me?


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