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Image Hover

Hi there,

Is there a way to remove the hover on images when selecting a design? 

I have created thumbnails for people to see so i dont need the big white box to pop up. Image has been attached for a better understanding. I'm sure some simple CSS would remove such a feature but not 100% sure.


(97.5 KB)

Best Answer

Please add this bit of custom CSS in your UI &  Layout composer:

.fpd-thumbnail-preview{display: none !important}

any update? 

Hey Everyone, 

I have a new problem with this CSS. while YES it does disable the thumbnail hover image as I did need. It also disables the ability to add a Fancy Design Image to the product. 

I tested this on both a laptop and an iPad and the fancy designs were only disabled on the iPad, but you could click and add designs on the laptop. 

Does anyone have any idea how to disable the hover image AND make sure the designs can still be added on a mobile device? 

Thank you

Sorry, no that is currently not possible.


Is there a way to show the thumbnail on hover instead of the product replacement image? I just want to have the thumbnail enlarge a little when hovering over the image so more details can be shown.


Thanks alot! Worked great

Thank You Johnny!


Please add this bit of custom CSS in your UI &  Layout composer:

.fpd-thumbnail-preview{display: none !important}

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