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Fancy admin page often unaviable

Hi, often i can't go to the fancy admin page, the page won't load and after few minute have connexion error or timeout.

Customiser work fine but not the admin pages. Have no php or js alert anyone have this issue ?

Unistall and re-install -> same issue
Change files -> same issue

Disable all plugin -> Same issue

Change theme -> Same issue

Delete all from fpd on database -> same issue...

Wordpress: 4.5.2 FR

Woocommerce: 2.2.5 FR

Thank a lot

Best Answer

Hm.. I'd guess that OVH did some changes which fixed the issues. Let's hope it's working for everyone now!

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Hi everyone,

It seems that more users have same problem.

Maybe it's due to a very recent modification on OVH shared servers settings.

Hi Christophe,

On a Performance plan it's even weird... :-(


Hi guys,

Nothing really new until now from OVH support. I sent them this morning a list of things we know and tested by ourselfes and they're still searching...

Question: Have someone tried to install Wordpress manually (not using OVH Manager)?


Hi there, same here, waiting for OVH reply after my ticket

I don't use OVH manager to install wordpress, I do it manually via FTP, and same issue as you

Ok Christophe,

Thanks for letting me now. ;-)


Hi, yes, i install directicly, i never use OVH manager, and reinstall test others themes, etc...


I'm currently monitoring possible errors. I tweeked some configs and PHP for that.

I'm on a develloper ambient now.

To be continued... :-/

Just wanted to say: Thanks for all the effort you are putting into finding the cause, sorry that we can't really help and that it's not working for you as it should.

I have activated Error on php.ini and wp-config but any error appear...

i remember seems to have an Ajax call and it stay on pedding when the problem appeart.

Check this when the problem come back because today it's alright... Understandable !?


Everything works since yesterday on my two sites (it was nearly 20h when i discovered that FPD was working).

On another hand, I have now many strange issues (cart can not be empty, seach do not work, all site is in English now, product page return an file not found error and so on).

I think that database is corrupted after so many restores and I'll destroy it and restartingmy site  from the beginning.


Yes I confirm, it's working now. I don't know what happened, but I'm fine without knowing ! 


Hm.. I'd guess that OVH did some changes which fixed the issues. Let's hope it's working for everyone now!

Well, wait and see... :-P

Hum, guys remember my first post, sometime plugin work all the day, think problem will reappear

Hi there

problem is back since a few days ago ! By the way, after a long long waiting, I eventually get a 504 Gateway Time-out.

I will try to reach their support by phone, but that was impossible last time, and no answer to my ticket after 3 days.

let's see.

I think I will have to change hosting providers. For the guys hosted at OVH, this is what I may consider as an alternative for the Performance hosting at OVH: