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Moveable (draggable) upload zones.

We would find it very useful to be able to create upload zones that are moveable by the end user and not just in a fixed position. OR allow a bounding box layer to be tied/locked/grouped with another layer so that when that layer is moved, the bounding box or upload zone moves with it.

Our use case is customers putting images on a wall background similar to your posters example, except once they finished uploading their image if they want the poster higher up or in any different position on the wall that cannot be achieved currently as the upload zones are fixed.

Hoping others would like to see this feature as well so that there is hope it might be implemented!

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Yes, looking for exactly the same function! Bounding box linked to a layer should do the trick. I hope this is something that can be implemented


hi dear ariana

do you find out hove to do this work?

i have same problem...

if you have a way please tell me that...

thank you

Included in V3.9.5

 This is great but as per my previous request, can an upload zone also be deletable by a user, in the same way as a text area? This would make my day :)

How can i set the bounding box to be moveable on the product?

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