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TEXT : Lock/Unlock "Constrain Width and Height Proportions"


Is it possible to Lock/Unlock "Constrain Width and Height Proportions" for added text  ?


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Hey team, fantastic to hear that this is planned!  Very excited.  Any idea of timeline?

Yes Please - We'd really really like this feature please! :)

We could really use this feature as well.

Finally! Great :)

Is it possible to activate unproportional scaling by default without having the user to search for it ?

Included in V3.9.1

Same for us! We could use it as well.

Yes, important to us too please! :)

I love that we now can unproportionally scale the text, but it is rather hard for customers to see this option. If there was an option to have it activated by default that would be great.

This is a great feature. I would love to be able to not just "allow" unproportional scaling, but also to have it turned on by default.

Any update on this? This feature is very important to us, thanks.


I have the option ticked everywhere I can see it, but still the bottom right arrows remain?  

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