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Show Color Names NOT Hex Codes in Order Viewer and Color Names in PDF Page

Our workflow has come to a complete stop due to color's selected in product builder not showing their 'textual' values in both builder view and .PDF view when an order is placed. 

Order Viewer Screenshot - http://prnt.sc/cl0wle

Showing hex codes have names associates - http://prnt.sc/cl0x47

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Included in V3.6.3

I can imagine that it's difficult to implement this with the random name we entered at the settings. But a script which changes a HEX code into a random name just for the confirmation mail would help for now. Like a script for the woocommerce order output value "if variation_id == '#009B77' then output 'Pantone355" for example. Let's hope someone will find a solution for this...

Yeah its been 10 months and i've had to renew support twice in hopes to have this possible but crickets and excuses from developers - sucks BIG TIME :/

It would be great if someone could help with this!

Any Idea how to do this 

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