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non removable option for designs

To be able to set a design setting option as "Removable yes / no" it is the only option that is not there compared to the options in the product builder on the modifications tab. I have at least 3 products that would greatly benefit from being able to change the image and not let the user select or delete the layer. 

(25.7 KB)

I think an user is also interested to remove a custom added element if he was able to add it, he should be also able to remove it, or not?

I want them to be able to swap the image with the designs. but not remove it. 

I have a background image and have other backgrounds set up in designs. 

I want the user to be able to choose a new background image from the designs tab. (set up using the replace options in the backend) which works.

But they are then able to remove this swapped image. but more importantly, because they are able to remove it they can select it which stop you from editing other elements without clicking off the stage and back on which is not very apparent. 

Included in V3.4.3

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