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Fancy + Shopify = ?

Is it possible to use fancy on shopify?

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Currently there is no app for Shopify, but we are in contact with a Shopify agency that will offer our solution for Shopify in near future.

Thank you for the quick response.

Do you have an approximate time for when it's done?


No sorry.

Has anyone figured out a work around for this? Sadly, I bought the plugin already and didn't think to check if it worked with Shopify.

Currently I am working with another company on a Shopify solution, so stay tuned. If everything is gonna to work, we will release a solution at the end of September.

Hey Rady,

Do you have any news on this? I love some of woocommerce features, it just seems bloated! I prefer shopify for the actual payment methods.

This is currently a test I set up: http://touchplusfootball.co.uk/shop/shirt/academy/?start_customizing 

Maybe, it will be worth having a "add to quote" button instead of the cart.. if I don't want to use woocommerce?


Hi, Any news on the shopify app ?

Touch plus what app is that on your test link ? 


I'm up late.. working still!

Daniel, what do you mean app? 

The FDP is the plus version, used on WordPress at the moment. If that helps?

Touch plus on the link you provided to your store


is this a shopify app or WP ?

I have used fancy product designer on one of my WP stores before and looking for the same thing for a shopify store I am working on. 


radykal  any updates ?

Mine is currently on WP + WooCommerce.
Though, I prefer Shopify and will move over as soon as it is ready.

Good news it's in progress.

Do you have an estimated time? I'm currently separating my store from WP and building a new one on Shopify. A rough idea would be great thanks! 


I too am interested in using the plugin with Shopify, are you any closer to getting a solution working? Also was think of possibly just sending customers to a Wordpress site for designing their product, then bringing them back to Shopify for checkout, maybe that is a workaround?


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