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Fancy + Shopify = ?

Is it possible to use fancy on shopify?

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Do we know when this will be implemented?


Hey Guys..

Eagerly waiting! Any type of updates on development/ testing? 


Is there an update to an ETA for shopify release? Our company is very much interested as well. 

We are close to release Fancy Product Designer for Shopify. The app is in the review queue on Shopify. Shopify has new strict rules for apps that makes the development for the new Shopify store harder. That’s one reason we were not able to release our app earlier....but before the official release we would like to test our app with real users. Please contact our beta program manager, if you want to be one of the first to check out our Shopify app.

Contact for Shopify beta: volker@vinofy.de


How is going the testing?

Is it getting ready?

I really want to use it in my shopify store.

Any dates in mind to release?

We are happy to announce the release of Fancy Product Designer for Shopify, finally.

The Shopify version does not include all features as the WordPress version yet, but we are doing our best to bring on the same level in the next weeks.

Hi, How to configure fancy product designer on my shopify store.
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