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Base price, first add for free.

Hello! I need to set the product base price of a t-shirt including the first upload (text or image, back or front) and to charge a fee for each other upload or text add.

I know how to charge a fee for the other adds/uploads, but i can't set the first add/upload for free.

Thanks in advance for a reply 

Best Answer

That's currently not possible, sorry.

If you expect that the customer may ALWAYS upload an image then you can set one layer in the design to be price -0.01 POSSIBLY.

While I haven't tested the option above.... It may also be possible to use the view price option in the view settings to modify this value by setting a price for custom images and then giving the "custom images" a price

unfortunately no. If you need this feature please open a ticket in the feature request forum or create a customization request if it's urgent and you want to pay for this option.

I know it's been 2 years since the last post on this, but is this possible now?


That's currently not possible, sorry.

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